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Less is more, and good, light, luggage is key. I don't travel anywhere without my hand-held luggage weight scale either. I can't tell you how many times we have had to dump half our stuff at the airport. With the language barriers and varying weight restrictions, you never know what can happen. And make sure if you travel Internationally from the US and then plan on flying domestically in another country, that you make sure and follow the baggage restrictions of the LOWEST weight allowance. On that note, be prepared with a cheat sheet for your basic metric conversions.

This is pretty cool. Real-time written language translation via Augmented reality.

That is really freakin AWESOME! I have lived in 5 countries in the past 6 years, and this would have been a life saver! This also would have been great in my Spanish class...

Wow! Very cool. Cain't wait 'till that works with Chinese.

I emailed the company about it. I'll post the response if I get one. It's probably really difficult to do with a non-phonetic script, or maybe it's easier. Who knows?

It's just OCR with a little color & orientation matching magic sprinkled on top. But yes, OCR for Chinese Characters is tough...

Thanks for the link Bryan. Very cool. did respond. 

"- More Languages -- we're working on it!  We're starting out with latin script languages, and will expand from there. We won't stop until we get all the way across the globe!

- Android and WinPhone7 users, we hear you!  Our goal was to get a great first release on one platform, not OK releases three months late ;)  Keep in touch!"

So it's just a matter of time.

Never thought about it's language class cheating abilities.

Hostel Hero lets you book backpacker hostels and budget hotels straight from your iPhone.

HoodHot Travel brings you the travel guide for the 21st century. All on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Watch the Show - Explore Tokyo first-hand and pick your favorite spots from the comfort of home.

Navigate like a Local - First-person walking videos make you feel like youve been there a thousand times before.

Communicate Fluently - Even if youve never studied a day of Japanese in your life.

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