Travel tips: How to go, see, and get there.

A forum for travel Advice. Anyone have any tips?

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Grab yourself a copy of Vagabonding by Rolf Potts!

Two friends and I travelled through Europe on trains using the Eurail pass. This was twenty years ago but I just looked at their website and it still exists. Our passes allowed us to spend a month travelling anywhere, anytime. From their website,, it looks more limited now, but still good.

However, you can also sleep on the trains, saving time and money that way. For example, on our way from north to south through Europe it wasn't until talking to someone in Greece that we learned about the beer houses,, in Munich. So after Paris, we took a night train to Munich, spent the day there (walking around too, not just drinking beer :)) and then took a night train to Belgium. Also, we couldn't afford to stay long in Switzerland (too costly for starving students) so we night-trained in from Italy, spent just the day there and night-trained out to Nice.

Great resource! Thanks for sharing. I bet you have some unforgettable stories from that trip--one of those experiences you will never forget I'm sure!

You mean like the time we arrived at the train station in Bonn, Germany? The train for Baden Baden was early, just sitting there, so we hopped on. It soon got going and that's when we realized that German trains are never early. They always arrive on time and leave on time. We were on the train to Frankfurt, which leaves before the Baden Baden train arrives! We went to Heildeberg instead.

Seriously though... I just added a whole bunch of photos to the Travel Pictures thread. Enjoy!

Great advice! I have a group of friends leaving for Europe next week. I'll point them to this.

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